The Mindset Principles of an Elite Writer

Most of us have read or are reading articles, blogs or magazines that are so amazing we just can't turn back, they make us read it again and again. So, what makes someone an elite writer I'm going to share with you the mindset required to be an elite writer. Either you are a blogger, author, student or anyone who is eager to become a great writer who is loved by his reader you need do develop the mindset of the same.


Principle No. 1: Write with integrity

Write what you want to say pretty straight forward in the simplest language possible, don't try to make it long and formal. Write like you are talking to your readers, don't make it like a government letter that is very formal. I'm not saying that you should never write in formal language, you cannot write a letter of condolence the same way you write a blog post. Keep in mind that you need to write in the simplest language if possible.

Principle No. 2: Yearn to connect

Before wr…